Friday, April 01, 2005

Sad times

Yesterday I was saddened by the news that our government and legal system had finally succeeded in starving and killing an innocent woman with a disability. My heart broke for Terri Schiavo's family as her life was taken from them by her uncaring husband.

What message does this send to other folks with disabilities and the value of our lives? Terri had a purpose in life as all people do but her husband was to blind to see her worth. It is my hope that her life and death will make people think about living life and dealing with end of life issues. I hope more and more people will decide their wishes and tell their families.

I have used life support for two years now and life is great for me. I can experience life and share my life with others. Life support is so very useful for many people and it does not always mean prolonging suffering. I shudder to think that if my family and docs weren't supportive of my decisions, I maybe would have chosen death. Thank god for supportive people and their belief in me.

There is no compassion by our government for the poor, innocent, and vulnerable. This morning I was listening to a Willie Nelson song. The most moving lyric to me was, "Is there no love anymore? Living in the Promise land." I'd like to think there is love in our country, but lately I have my doubts. God Bless you Terri!


The Nodakwheeer