Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting close/Cardio visit

In 4 short days I'll be making my pilgrimage back to North Dakota. This week has been busy as the final preparations are coming together. Lots of things to get ready but Theresa and my nurses have done a wonderful job of getting me set to go. I really wish Theresa & Dustin were able to come with us but things didn't work out for that this time. Will sure miss you guys and the Pugs a lot!

Today I went to my cardiologist for the yearly echocardiogram. I'm always a little nervous when I do tests like this because there's always that fear that my heart has grown weaker. Well I received a clean bill of health and some truly awesome results on my heart function. My heart is doing great and functioning at a high level. My cardiologist is a great guy and it's always good to see him. The news today couldn't have made me happier and a high note to start my vacation on.

This will be my last post before heading home for a week but I'll be back during next week with an update from Jamestown.

Take care everyone....Mark

Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebrating Freedom

I finished my summer class on Thursday and summer vacation can now begin! The final was difficult but I'm staying optimistic about it and hoping for the best. This was an important class to get out of the way and I'm one step closer to the completion of my pre reqs. The Fall semester starts for me on August 25th.

This past Wednesday, I did something that I've wanted to do for a very long time. I went to Painless Steel here in Missoula and got my first tattoo! This tattoo is more than just ink to me though. It is a permanent reminder of my 3 1/2 year incarceration and eventual liberation from the nursing home. I've already had many people ask me about it and what a great way for me to speak out against the institutions in this country. Too many people are losing precious years of their lives in these damn places and this has to stop. I've thrived outside of the nursing home and if a guy on a vent can do it, anyone can! My success outside of an institution is proof that home based care is far superior to anything else being offered. I still have days that challenge me but at least I’m in control and can discover my true potential.

A week from this Sunday I'll be hitting the road and returning to North Dakota for a week. It will be a little strange to return to Jamestown after being gone almost two years but I'm looking forward to it. I'm really excited for the chance to catch up with family & friends that I haven't seen since moving to Missoula. This week will be extra special as Jamestown will be celebrating its 125th birthday. There are many events happening during this week of celebration and I'm hoping to take some of them in.

I may have another short update before my trip if time allows. If not, there will be an update or two when I'm on my trip. That is if the technology gods cooperate :-) I’ve added a clip of my favorite song off the new Springsteen CD. Take care and enjoy.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Winter visits in June!

We awoke to quite a scene yesterday as you can see by the pictures. June snow of any kind is rare for these parts but it happens from time to time. I didn't find yesterdays weather very humorous :-) but the weatherman says much warmer weather for the weekend. I maybe can finally break the shorts out.

My poetry class continues to go well and in a week I'm all done. It's been a bit of a crash course in modern poetry but the professor has really been fun. I have enjoyed this class and it's a nice break from the routine stuff I've been taking. All that's really left is to rewrite my first analysis and take the final exam.

The video blog will return sometime after next week. It's just been too much to manage with the schedule I've kept lately. Take care all and I'll be return with another update real soon.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Still around

I've been staying pretty busy lately with school, the primary election and various other odds and ends. The blog has had to be put off a bit but sometimes a break is greatly appreciated.

Montana held its primary this past week and Dustin was on the ballot for House of Rep here in Montana. Unfortunately he wasn't able to advance and it disappoints me that more people involved in the issues we care about didn't support him more. Dustin’s primary opponent Tim is also in the disability arena (in an administrative position) but is out of touch a bit with how important Home & Community based services are here in Montana. He (Tim) actually said that we really need to support the nursing homes because someday we're all going to end up there. That’s troubling to hear because nobody will need to go in a nursing home if you fund care in the home properly. My life is an everyday reminder of how inferior nursing homes really are and I just had to let this bothersome tidbit out there

I’m incredibly proud of Dustin’s quest for a legislative seat. Our government today is sadly lacking people like Dustin who feel the importance of public service. Yes winning would have been great but getting your message out there is important too. Thanks D for the effort!

The highlight of primary night was Barack Obama’s securing of the presidential nomination. It’s been a hard fought campaign and I think the best person prevailed. It remains to be seen what Hillary’s role will be but I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a VP capacity. I think Obama has a great chance to win this fall and hopefully soon our country can heal from the past 8 years of embarrassing and deceitful leadership.

I suppose I should put away the soapbox for tonight and get to work :-) It’s a Saturday night and I have a poetry analysis waiting to be done. Enjoy the pics of Dustin and a very sleepy Harley. Take care and I’ll catch everyone later.