Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Short post

It is finally summer out today. I am going to go visit some family today and catch some rays also.

Sorry for such a short post but I will make up for it tomorrow.

The Nodakwheeler

Thursday, August 26, 2004

A great day

Today I attended a meeting with several department heads of the ND Dept. of Human Services and other concerned folks. We discussed how to broaden the amount of community based services in the state for all people with disabilities. I was able to share my story of being on a vent and the barriers I face in wanting to return to living in the community.

We all had a good dialogue and talked about the legislative changes needed to allow for more people with disabilities to live in the community instead of in a institution. The local newspaper and a Fargo t.v station covered the meeting. I was on the channel 11 news tonight which was way cool.

I will keep fighting until all of us with disabilities are free to live where and how we want. There is much to be done but progress is slowly happening. I am glad to be working on ways to end the segregation of people with disabilities from society.


The Nodakwheeler

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Busy week

It's a beautiful and sunny August day out. The next few days will be busy for me but maybe that will keep me out of trouble :)

On Thursday I will be attending a meeting with the brass from the ND Dept. of Human Services (DHS). Myself and other concerned folks are meeting with the DHS to look at ways to expand the Home and Community Based Services waiver in the state. If the waiver was expanded, people like myself in nursing homes would be able to have a better chance at living in the community.

The current waiver is too restrictive on the amount of help a person can get in the community. This leaves a nursing home as the only option for people who don't fit the waiver criteria. It makes sense to expand the current system and return people to their own homes. It also costs much less than a nursing home or other medical facility.

I hope some progress comes from this meeting. Look for a post on Thursday or Friday on how things went.

The Nodakwheeler

Friday, August 20, 2004

Try Your Best

It was very unseasonably cool last night with a low of 34. Not typical August weather that's for sure. Fall is on the way.

I am watching the Olympics tonight on t.v. It amazes me all the years of practice, sweat, tears, and dedication, these athletes put in. Many years are boiled down to one crucial moment, when everything is on the line. It's nor winning that matters but how hard you try.

This kind of attitude inspires me in my daily life. I try do the best I can but sometimes things don't work exactly the way we want. That's life I guess. Every new day brings the chance to do something great or make a difference somewhere. It is our choice if we want to do that.

Tne Nodakwheeler

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Windy Day

Today it is partly cloudy and windy here in the land of Nodak. I guess you never know what to expect in the weather department.

I have been writing an article for the next IVUN newsletter. It deals with the barriers that I and my felllow vent users face from the medical system in the U.S. It's frustrating when a person chooses a vent to keep on living but in many cases must leave their own home for an instituition to get care. How can this be happening in the great land of freedom? We must look for ways for all people to be included in society and not be separated from it. Things will stay as they are unless we as people with disabilities demand better.

I plan on posting my article here when it arrives in the next IVUN newsletter.

Tne Nodakwheeler

Monday, August 16, 2004

My First Post

I have decided to start a blog beginning today on my 29th birthday. The purpose of this blog is to share with you my thoughts and happenings that are going on in my life. I plan to make an entry every few days so stay tuned.

Today is a milestone of sorts for me. Since going on a ventilator, birthdays have taken on a much deeper meaning to me. Every year that now goes by means a year of experiences that I never would have had a chance to have if not deciding to be on a vent. Being around my family and friends everyday is the biggest thing i'm thankful for. They give me the strength to face the day no matter what battles come into my life. You never know where life's gonna go next and I wouldn't want it any othet way.

I've just updated my webpage also. Go to http://www.geocities.com/nodakwheeler and check it out!

By the way, August 16th 2004 is the 27th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. Long live his musical legacy!


The Nodakwheeler