Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just when you think the Bush administration couldn’t sink any lower, they out do themselves once again. This week FEMA held a press conference to discuss the California wildfires but a key component was missing from this briefing. The press! These clowns at FEMA thought they could stage a press conference and use their own employees as the reporters asking questions. Of course these employees lobbed nothing but softball questions to the FEMA spokesperson. The real journalists were quick to shed light on this charade and FEMA was once again caught looking foolish. This comedy of incompetence just proves how horrible this administration is and how low they are willing to stoop. Hopefully the voters won’t be asleep at the wheel in November of O8.

I went to see Dr. Gardner (my ENT) on Friday morning and he put in my new custom Shiley trach. It’s a lot shorter than my old trach and it fit perfect. He ran the scope down my new trach and everything checked out very good. Now the old ulceration on my trachea should totally heal without any problem.

It’s been another busy week here in Missoula and I survived my tests last week. The end of the semester keeps drawing closer and I’m busy getting ready for spring semester. Tomorrow I register for classes and I’m planning on taking 13 credits. I’ll be taking Intro to American Government, General Geology, Macroeconomics, and Introductory Algebra. I was hoping to take a class during winter break but it appears the class I wanted has been canceled. That’s alright with me and I’m looking forward to a nice six week break.

The week ahead doesn’t look too bad except for the fact that my English Comp Op-ed is due this week. I chose to write one on the controversy surrounding the wolf population here in Western Montana. Hopefully if all goes well it may even end up published in the Missoulian.

The picture I’ve included was taken last week when Kari was up on my lap. Kari loves sitting in my chair with me and she is so full of energy. She may be small but she definitely is the energizer bunny of this household.

It was announced a week or so ago that Tool added a Missoula show on their current tour. We got the tickets we wanted and they play Missoula on December 3rd. That’s all for now folks and I’ll be back next week.



“There is no such thing as a little freedom. You are either free or you’re not.” -- Walter Cronkite

Monday, October 22, 2007

Feeling better

The fall chill has gripped the Missoula valley and the top of nearby Mt. Sentinel had a brief dusting of snow Sunday morning. It was a perfect weekend to be inside watching football and studying.

The past week was alright except that I battled a cold. A few days of rest and Nyquil seem to have done the trick. I'm really feeling much better now and ready for the week ahead. It's that cold & flu time or year I guess and time for the annual flu shot.

It’s past the midway point of the semester and things are starting the ramp up. This week I have tests in Mass Media and Study Skills along with an op-ed paper for English Comp. The end of the term is in sight and it feels great to be on the downside. I’ll be meeting with my advisor on Tuesday and then I should have my schedule pounded out.

Today Ugga and Kari both have birthdays and we are taking them to Petsmart for a shopping excursion. It’s always fun to take them along and they get so excited. Ugga immediately knows it’s Petsmart as soon we turn into the parking lot. She’s such a silly girl. Next week I’ll have some pictures to put up.

Well studying calls so I better wrap it up. Take care until next time.


"When I die, I want to die living." - Margaret Bourke-White

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally a post!

This week's post has taken awhile to get put together and my apologies for that. School sure has a way of consuming most of my week.

Last weekend Missoula had the incredible honor of hosting the APRIL (Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living) conference. It's a nationwide gathering and people came from all over the country to attend. I was able to go on Sunday and went to sessions on disability advocacy and nursing home emancipation.

I had a nice surprise while I was at the conference. I ran into some friends of mine from Freedom Resource Center back in Fargo and John who is with Options up in Grand Forks. Was very nice to see everybody and we got to catch up a little bit. It was cool to see them on my new home turf. They were all happy that things are going great for me.

School has continued to be busy and the middle of fall semester is almost here. I have a PowerPoint to work on for my study skills class and I'm also working at putting together my writing portfolio for English Composition. Enough stuff to keep me out of trouble anyways. I'll be registering for spring classes very soon and I think I may try taking a class over winter break.

On Tuesday night we went out to visit Dustin's family and pay a visit to Trent who is Dustin's second cousin. Trent is adorable and he really has developed quite the personality. Of course I had to include a picture of him this week. We all had a nice time and I always look forward to when we can all spend time together.

Not much else going on except catching up on a little homework this weekend. I'd like to wish a speedy recovery to our friend MJ out in Ohio. Hope you feel better real soon!



Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I survived...

I survived the craziness of last week and it's been so nice to relax the past few days. Even though it was a bit of madness last week, it was still a blast.

Things got underway last Tuesday night as Theresa and Dustin had their Big Sky Bonanza final get together/dinner. I was able to come along and it was a very relaxing time. Big Sky Bonanza is a new self direct waiver option here in Montana and they helped build it from the ground up. It's a great achievement and I'm very proud of the work and effort they have put forth. The evening ended with the premiere of the training video that was put together for this waiver. Dustin had a big part in the video and he did great as usual. There was a picture of me and Prince that snuck onto the video too!

On Wednesday the Montana Senior and Long-term Care Consumer Service Bureau Conference got underway. Boy that's quite a mouthful to say. Basically it's for Montana consumers of home & community based services and the related providers. It was held at the Hilton here in Missoula and the turnout was great. I had the opportunity to be on the consumer panel during one of Thursday's breakout sessions. It was great to once again tell my story of the great nursing home escape. We took some video but I haven't had time to edit it and put it up. I'll probably post it in the next week or two.

Thursday was absolutely crazy but it went great. I started out early that morning with my midterm exams. After the exams I had an interview with the UM news program on campus about what it's like for a student with a disability to attend college. I put up the clip on YouTube so everybody can check it out if they want. Then after my interview I had to get over to the conference center for lunch and my afternoon presentation. We spent the whole rest of the day there and ended it with a banquet and dance. It was so fun and normally I would sleep in the day after but on Friday my parents came in for the weekend.

Was so good to see them and show them around campus. There was a lot of energy on campus Saturday afternoon with it being homecoming. The Griz pulled off a 15-10 victory over Weber State.

My folks and I had a great visit and it was nice to spend time with them. As usual the time went by too fast but that's the way it goes. They plan on being back soon and I can't wait for their next visit.

I found out two of my midterm exam results on Monday. In mass media I got a 97% and in study skills I received 100% Anthropology results aren't in yet but I feel pretty confident about that. Hopefully things will keep going great for the rest of the semester. I can't believe it's almost time to register for spring semester. Where does the time go?

That's my wrap up for the crazy week gone by. Be back soon with another update.