Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The return of the Stones

The Stones have returned but unfortunately this time it isn't the Rolling Stones. I'd been having some abdominal pain for the past week and on Monday I went in for a CT scan. I met with my urologist yesterday and the scan showed a significant return of kidney stones. This news didn't thrill me but at least we won't doing any procedures until after finals are over. We'll most likely be doing a lithotripsy where they send a heavy dose of shock waves into the body in hopes of shattering the stones. The procedure is pretty simple but I'll definitely be sore for several days after. Looks like winter break will be spent recuperating but I'll have my movies, audio books and Pugs to keep myself occupied.

School has been going just fine and all thats really left to do is take my final exams. I have my MT History final on December 8th and my Ethics final on December 10th. This semester has been work but I've enjoyed studying Montana history and the philosophies of Aristotle and Nietzsche. Ethics has been my favorite class and I certainly wasn't expecting that when the semester began. It sure is a bonus when you end up loving a class that you thought you were going to hate. Learning is funny in that respect.

We are spending Thanksgiving at Dustin's aunt's and it is always a good time when we get together. It will be great to unwind a little and to escape the rush of school. I want to wish everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Take care and I will return in a week or so.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes we can! Yes we did!

A week ago, I along with millions of other Americans made history as we elected Barack Obama the 44th President. It's high time that this country heads away from the corruption and failures that have marked the past eight years. The road ahead won't be easy but at least we will have an honorable leader guiding us along the way.

It was a great feeling as we went over to the fire hall to cast our ballots. There were no lines awaiting us but unfortunately the accessible voting machine was on the blink again. It really grinds my gears when our government spends a ton of money on these advanced machines and they don't work on election day. I ended up filling out a traditional ballot when the technician couldn't get the machine running. We left the polling place feeling optimistic and all that was left to do was to watch the results stream in.

Forward Montana had an election night soiree down at the Badlander so that's where we went to watch the results. The crowd built as the night went on and it became a very electric atmosphere. It was fun being with our fellow Democrats and the crowd went wild whenever a state went into Barack's column. The magic moment came suddenly at about 9 p.m. when it flashed across the screen that Barack was projected to be the winner. The Badlander went bananas and everyone was cheering and high-fiving. I couldn't believe the long election season was over and I let out a few whoops myself.

I was impressed by Obama's victory speech and it definetelty was one of those moments that I'll remember forever. Obama realizes that our nation has a long journey ahead but I think we're up to the challenge. The drive home was cool as cars were honking along the way and some people literally danced in the streets. I've never seen an election bring out that type of reaction from people. Now we only have to wait 69 days until this dream is complete.

School continues to roll on and I'm in pretty good standing. I had a history exam yesterday and it felt like it went pretty good. There are no exams until finals and that makes me quite happy. The only big project left is in my Math class and I'll be celebrating after that class is over. Our professor in o.k. but I just don't dig the material we've covered. Oh well it's another experience in my college career and I'll at least get a B.

I better get rolling on today's homework but I'll be back in the next week or two with more. Take care and be well....