Monday, March 28, 2005

Ventilator Conference

Today spring was definetely in the air with the temperature around 65! Yesterday I hung out with my family to celebrate Easter and it was alot of fun. It is always nice to be with the folks that are near and dear to you.

Today I got an email from a gal at the International Vetilator Users Network (IVUN) in St. Louis. She is going to speak at a International Conference on Home Mechanical Ventilation in Lyon France next week. She will be talking about folks in the US living on vents and she wants to talk a little about me and my situation. I am very thrilled to be part of her presentation.

It is exciting to be an active part of the global community of ventilator users. I'm trying very hard to show people that using a vent is truly no big deal and that using one can greatly enhance life.. During the past few years I have met so many amazing and insipiring people. I have embraced this interesting adventure and look forward to what each new day has in store.

I will post on anything I hear that comes out of next week's International Ventilator Conference in France.


The Nodakwheeler

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Big Day

Last Thursday hopefully was a huge step towards freedom for me. I made a formal request to the ND Dept. of Human Services for 24/7 in-home care. Tracy Briggs from WDAY Channel 6 in Fargo came out to cover the signing of my request.

It is very exciting to be a voice for change in the way our country takes care of folks needing medical and attendant care. There really needs to be some thinking outside of the box done to find solutions to institutions and nursing homes. Our society needs to empower us instead of penalizing us for having special needs. People like myself are living better and longer due to modern medical technology. Just because I use these technologies, doesnt mean I can't live in the community. I just need the help to do it though. Hopefully, the next few months will bring that for me.

Having the media keep covering these issues is fantastic. It was a great having WDAY out in Jamestown here to tell my story. I just wish more voices could be heard on this. The demand for community based care is gaining and the fight continues on harder than ever.

I will keep posting on the developments of my request to ND DHS for community based care. These are exciting times for sure.


The Nodakwheeler