Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My band of brothers

Recently I joined a internet support group for adult guys with Duchenne's. There are alot of folks on this group that have beat the odds that the medical establishment have set upon us. Many of us in this group are vent users that are battling to keep on thriving and surviving against our disabilities.

Even though I've only known these guys a short time and may never meet them in person, I consider them my band of brothers.

They are there for me when I need to talk about the many issues that my disability brings up. I can't put into words what it means to talk to others who have been in my shoes. There is an understanding there that no one but someone affected by Duchenne's can fully understand.

These guys have demonstrated a tremendous will and they inspire me to fight on. I guess that’s what brother's are for.

I want to extend Season's Greetings to everyone. It's my hope that everyone will have a safe and joyous Christmas.

The Nodakwheeler

Monday, December 13, 2004

Legislative Working Group

Friday I went to city hall for the first meeting of the Jamestown Legislative Working Group. The working groups around the state deal with disability issues that will be dealt with during the 2005 legislative session. It was a small group but the meeting was well worth attending.

The two Representatives that serve the Jamestown district were in attendance. I learned a little more on the legislative process and was able to tell my elected officials about my situation of wanting to receive home based medical care.

This upcoming session should be interesting. There is potential to change things greatly for North Dakotans with disabilities. I will post updates regularly throughout the session on how it's going with the legislation that I'm helping to get passed.

The Nodakwheeler

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Live Strong

The other day I received a Live Strong bracelet in the mail. They are the yellow ones that benefit the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation.

This bracelet is much more than a piece of yellow rubber. It is a symbol of strength to me. I wear it with a sense of brotherhood for all who have fought tough battles in life. Life was never promised to be easy but if we try to live as strong as we can, there's no limit to what a person can accomplish.

Tomorrow I will be attending a strategy planning meeting for the upcoming ND legislative session. I hope that this meeting will be a step towards positive changes for all North Dakotans with disabilities. More on tomorrow's meeting in the next few days.


The Nodakwheeler