Thursday, September 10, 2009


I’m happy to report that I independently took my own pictures on Tuesday. It has taken weeks of planning and research to get to this point but the wait has been worth it. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well here’s my setup.

The first step I take is getting my photographic mount clamped onto my left armrest. My Nikon camera gets screwed onto my mount and I’m almost ready. I get my LCD screen in position and the bite activated shutter switch goes in my mouth. You can see the red switch in the first photo.

Whatever I’m planning to shoot gets lined up in the screen and the magic begins. I bite down slightly on the switch and the image gets brought into focus. My teeth clamp down a little further and the shutter activates. I’m able to snap pictures quickly and with hardly any effort.

There are a few people I have to thank for making this all possible. Dick at Conceptus Remote Switches for letting me demo the bite switch. Scott Sands for helping me figure out how to attach the bite switch to my camera. I must also thank my caregivers for their patience in helping me with getting this all set up. You guys are all fantastic in my book!

School has gotten off to a quick start. It’s hard to believe that two weeks are down already. The semester will be very busy but it should also be fun as well. I have some great professors and they have been very accommodating my needs.

It’s getting close to midnight here so I better drift off to sleep. Enjoy the music and have a great weekend…Mark