Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching my breath

I've survived orientation and after catching my breath I finally can say I'm a student at the University of Montana.

Things got underway on Wednesday with a tour of the campus. The campus is beautiful and I must say it's not quite as big as I expected. After the tour I had an afternoon of placement testing to see where I would be in the areas of math and English. I placed where I wanted for English but math was a little weaker.

Thursday I had to be on campus at 8:30 and I wasn't crazy with that but mornings were never a favorite of mine. The day was spent learning the University computer system and getting a workable class schedule before meeting my advisor. We attended a noon lunch at the University Center and it was really good.

Friday was really the highlight of the week. I had an orientation session at the School of Journalism and got to meet the Dean and some of the professors. The School of Journalism just opened a stunning new building and we are the very first class to set foot in Andersen Hall. The 2nd and 3rd picture this week was taken at the new building.

I met my advisor after the Journalism orientation and we went through my schedule. Things looked good and then I signed up for my classes. I'll be starting part-time and I will be taking Intro to Mass Media, Intro to Anthropology, and English Composition. All my classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that's what I really wanted.

All in all orientation was a great experience and I feel really prepared for fall semester. I'm excited for the adventure ahead and it should be one interesting ride.

Well that's a wrap for the busy week gone by. Happy 4th and I'll catch ya later.



Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy week ahead

It's been another lightning fast week and hey what do know, 2 posts in one week! I thought I better get to it before the busy week ahead.

Today I went over to Missoula Orthotics to get fitted for my new side support. It went pretty well but it's a time consuming undertaking to get things just right. They made the support a bit less rigid but heating the plastic has to be done super slowly. They let me bring it home over the weekend to see how it will work out.

I had the pleasure of attending my first Missoula Osprey baseball game. The Osprey are a minor league affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was a beautiful night at the ballpark and there's no better way of spending the first evening of summer. I look forward to attending another game real soon.

Next week will definitely be the busiest since I've moved here. I have freshman orientation at the University of Montana from Wednesday through Friday afternoon. There will be many new people to meet and I look forward to officially becoming a college student. I've already met with Disability Services on campus and they will help me with stuff like test taking accommodations and putting my textbooks into an electronic format.

This weeks Pug picture is of our bratty Prince after he decided to attack his bed. We have no idea how he managed to get under his fuzzy blanket but that's a Pug for ya.

That's it for now but before I forget, I was in the International Vent Users Network - Spring 2007 newsletter. I was interviewed by fellow vent user Paul Kahn and I was asked about my liberation from the nursing home. You can see my interview by visiting



Monday, June 18, 2007

The Fastest Indian

I saw The World's Fastest Indian over the weekend and wow what a phenomenal film it turned out to be. It tells the life story of New Zealander Burt Munroe (played by Anthony Hopkins) and his desire to race his vintage Indian Scout motorcycle and set the world speed record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967.

Burt is a quirky and eccentric fellow and he's got no doubt that his home-modified relic of a bike can stun the world and set the record. Now there are plenty of doubters of Burt and they think he's a crazy old coot that will probably only kill himself in this chase of the dream.

Burt pays no mind to these negative thinkers and sets his mind on the goal at hand. In the drama filled ending Burt achieves this grand record and he teaches us the importance of never giving up.

When I decided to leave the nursing home I had this same fire in my belly. There were a fair share of people that thought I was nuts or at least slightly off my rocker. I knew freedom could be mine if I only thought positive and never gave up. My persistence paid off and I'm on the verge of a 10th month here in Montana and I'll be in college very soon.

I challenge you the readers of my blog to live your life like Burt and reach for whatever you want to accomplish in this life. Nobody can stop you if you just believe in yourself.

Here's a brief update before I finish. My knee is much better and I hopefully be pain free in a few days. Tomorrow I head over to the University and meet my Disability Services person and we'll be going through what accommodations I'll need for fall semester. Orientation follows next week and I'm sure it will be the being of a great college experience.

That's all for this go round and I promise some pictures for next week.



Friday, June 08, 2007

Smooth Move

I've been wanting to post my latest update for a few days but I've been laid up with a knee injury.

I was sitting at my computer on Monday evening and Ugga decided that she'd come snuggle in my lap. This seemed like a great idea and I thought I'd tilt back a bit so she could stretch out better. Well my chair was in drive mode instead of tilt and this led to me smashing my right knee into my desk at full speed. This hurt really bad and it happened so quick.

I've spent all week in bed elevating my leg and doing the ice and ibuprofen thing. Well my knee wasn't getting better by this morning, so I decided to visit the emergency room and get everything checked out.

The good news is that nothing is broken but things may take awhile to fully heal. They sent me home with a knee brace and some really groovy pain meds. On Monday I have a appointment to see an orthopedic specialist and see what he wants to do. I always find a way to keep life interesting that's for sure.

Last weekend our nurse Kimbra's son graduated from high school. She invited us out to their place for the reception and we had a great time. She raises minature horses and they loved checking out our wheelchairs. In the one picture Rocky thought he'd give me a sniff but I think he wanted to see if I had something good to eat.

This weekend looks to be pretty quiet and I plan on snuggling with the Pugs and renting some movies. Oh before I forget, the other picture is of my baby in her new duds from Old Navy. She sure loves laying on my pillow.

Take care and I'll be back next week with a update on my knee.