Monday, February 23, 2009

On hiatus

Life is a crazy thing. It grabs you at birth, takes you on this wild ride, and you never know what curves lie ahead. Well my life lately seems like it has been stuck in one giant curve.

I had a driving accident 11 days ago and ended up with my second fracture in two months. My driving controls malfunctioned and I slammed into the back of Dustin's chair thus causing my femur to crack. Thankfully Dustin didn't get hurt too. Of course it had to happen the night my mom and sister flew in for a weekend visit. We got to spend our quality time hanging out in the ER playing the waiting game. The break could have been much worse and thankfully no surgery will be required. I visit my ortho tomorrow and we will discuss my latest xrays. Hopefully the prognosis will be good.

School has been up in the air but I've decided to request a medical withdrawal. I'll be on hiatus until May when I will take a summer biology course. I wasn't crazy about pulling out of school at first but I just don't feel I can keep up with things during my recovery.

That's about it for this update but during the next few months my blog should return to a regular schedule. Take care and hope all of you have a great week. Peace...Mark

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.
John Lennon -- "Beautiful Boy"