Thursday, June 25, 2009

New York Bound

Theresa and Dustin left for New York on Monday and are departing Rockford Illlinois as I type this. T & D took along Ugga, Daisy, and Sammy to the Pug Meetup so it is pretty quiet around here. The Pugs here with me are doing good but boy they sure miss their Mommy and Daddy.

Theresa is maintaining a blog during their entire trip and you can view it at Adventures of the MT Pug Pack

I'd like to say hello to all the FP folks who will be in Marlboro this weekend! Wish I could be there with you all. Heard a rumor though that the next one may be held over in Washington which would be a much shorter drive for us :-)

My mom has been here since last Friday and we've been having a great time. Today we are heading to Downtown Tonight and I'm taking her to the Osprey home opener tomorrow night. No shortage of things to go do that's for sure.

Summer schools ends today with the last exam for my History class. It's been a marathon course but I am so glad to get this big class out of the way. Now my two month vacation can begin and I can unwind a little.

I better go get ready so I can be at the university by 1. I'll be back with a more comprehensive update in the near future.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ready for my closeup

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I’ve touched my blog. That happens when summer school keeps me a bit busier than I’d like. The last few weeks have been packed but I’ve had a chance to do some awesome things aside from school.

This past Friday filming started for the Missoula group of men participating in the abuse and neglect video project. You can read more about the project in my 5/17 post. I was slated for the early session Friday and things couldn't’t have gone any better. The film crew from Portland was a fantastic group of folks to work with. They made me feel relaxed and this helped me tell my story in a detailed way. It was empowering to inform viewers about the true reality of living in an institution and how to combat mistreatment. There is no doubt in my mind that when this project is released that it will benefit so many people. The true heroes of this project are the other men I have had the chance to meet. Their stories are very compelling and the bravery they display is remarkable. I’m very humbled to be included with them. The first two pictures that I’ve included were taken at the filming session.

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting an old friend of mine from Minnesota. Travis and I attended MDA summer camp together back in the 1980’s and it’s been almost 20 years since we’ve seen each other. Travis and his family went on a trip to Oregon and they stayed overnight in Missoula on their return trip back home. We had a great visit and it was nice to catch up on things over pizza. Travis has an awesome family and it was very nice of them to stop in Missoula so we could get together. Thanks guys!

Summer school keeps rolling along and in two weeks I’ll be a free man. I’m pumped to have almost completed a four credit class and it will sure make for a lighter load this fall. I had my first exam and managed a B+ which made me pretty happy. We have an exam on Wednesday and the last one is a week after that. I think I can keep sane until then or at least I hope so :-)

By this time next week Theresa, Dustin, and half of the Pug pack will be cruising through Minnesota on their way to New York. They are headed to the FPNY 2009 Pug Meetup. There will be old friends, new friends, good times and of course PUGS! I wish them safe travels and soon I’ll put up their blog they are doing along the way. Meanwhile back in Missoula my mom will be staying with me and helping out with Pugsitting duties! It will be nice to hang out with my mom and bum around Missoula.

Stay well and hopefully I’ll be back with more from the Big Sky in a week or two.