Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meeting Jon

Last night, Theresa, Dustin, and I went to the Iron Horse Pub and Restaurant for a political rally for U.S. Senate candidate Jon Tester. He spoke to a packed house of supporters, encouraging everyone to talk to their undecided friends about the need for change in Washington D.C. I got to meet Jon and he's a real blue collar guy who wants to bring much needed integrity back to the federal government. After the rally we went downstairs and had a nice relaxing meal. We are planning to attend another upcoming Tester rally in Missoula the night before the election.

Things have continued to go very well here and I fully consider myself a Missoulian and Montanan. There always seems like there's something to go do and I really like that a lot. Last week we attended a Q & A for the local folks running for state legislative offices. It was a good opportunity to learn about some of the upcoming disability issues that will be addressed in the upcoming session of the Montana Legislature.

This week has been a little quiet but it's really nice sometimes to be at home. I had a slight problem with my wheelchair tilt and the wheelchair guy was out to fix that problem for me. I'm also awaiting the arrival of my computer. This will allow me to be online a little bit more then I have been in the previous weeks.

There's not a lot else to report in this entry but I will be posting another entry very soon. Until next time, take care.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Introducing Harley

I thought that I would start this weeks entry by introducing everybody to my favorite little black Pug. Her name is Harley Star and she's one of the sweetest Pugs that I've ever met. When Theresa came to Bozeman to pick me up, she brought Harley along for the ride. All the way home Harley was right under my feet. Ever since that moment she has been bonded to me. When I go to bed at night she's right there to snuggle in with me. She's usually on my pillow sleeping before I can even get into bed. Although Harley is my favorite, I've really grown very attached to all the Pugs.

This past week has been filled with a couple of big highlights. On Thursday my Uncle Randy stopped in for a visit on his way to Butte. It was a great visit and it was awesome to see some family. Randy got to meet Theresa and Dustin along with the Pugs. His job will bring him occasionally to the Missoula area and I look forward to our future visits.

This past week brought a very joyous event to our family. My cousin, Dawn, arrived back in the U.S. after serving the past year in Iraq. I'm so very happy that she arrived home safely and I am proud beyond words of her service. We are quite relieved that she is back in the USA. Hopefully the day will come very soon when all the soldiers can return to their families.

On Saturday night we all went to Nine-mile for dinner with Dustin's family. It was great to meet his grandma, mom, aunt and their families. Everybody was very kind and I was welcomed warmly by them all. I look forward to seeing them again very soon.

During this upcoming week I will celebrate 6 weeks of freedom from the nursing home. I must give my deep thanks and gratitude to my family and friends for all the love and support that they have shown me. Although I am far from home, I hold all the special people in my life very close to my heart.

Well, it's time to go to bed and snuggle with my sweet Harley. Until next week stay well.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rolling Stones ROCK Missoula!

Theresa, Dustin and I were a part of Montana history last Wednesday as the Rolling Stones played under the Big Sky for the very first time and rocked Missoula to its core!

Words like "fantastic" and "incredible" don't do justice to what seeing the Stones is like in person. The Stones played their brand of raunchy, bluesy rock to a capacity crowd at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie had amazing charisma and energy for aging veteran rockers.

The stage itself was larger than life. Standing at 6 stories from the stadium floor, rumor has it that it's the biggest stage ever to go out on world tour. The stage along with it's 50' plasma screen and pyrotechnic rigging, also held a few hundred members of the audience. You could feel the electricity as the opening chords to Jumpin' Jack Flash were played.

The set was filled with classic Stones tunes, amazing pyrotechnics, 20' high flames, a blazing multi-media presentation, and of course Mick Jaggers legendary gyrations. They also pulled off a few surprises like riding a section of stage through the crowd to the north end of the stadium where they played 3-4 songs. Keith Richards sang an old acoustic blues number as well.

This totally awesome night is just one of the many things I've enjoyed in the one month of nursing home freedom that I've had so far. I must also give a big thanks to Theresa and Dustin for being wonderful hosts and making me feel right at home here in Missoula.

I must say that Missoula sure knows how to throw a party and that I can't wait for the many more great times that lie ahead.



Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunny Weekend in MT

It was a beautiful, sunny weekend here in Missoula with temperatures in the 80's. Hopefully there will be a few warm days left before winter arrives in the mountains.

It's been over three weeks since my freedom has started and I'm loving Missoula more and more every day. It seems like there's always something to do and I really like being able to go places when I want to.

Last week I attended the Summit Independent Living Center's 25th anniversary celebration. I was able to meet more great people and everybody has been very welcoming to me.

On Saturday we went to visit some friends who have been patiently awaiting my arrival so that I could become involved with ADAPT. Bob and Marsha travel the country with ADAPT doing actions to help free people from nursing homes and assist them to live in their communities. Theresa, Dustin and I along with other advocates are looking to start an ADAPT chapter here in Montana. I'm very excited to take part in this and it's a great advocacy opportunity to be involved in.

The road crew for the Rolling Stones has decended upon Missoula to get ready for Wednesdays concert. To read more on the Rolling Stones visit to Missoula you can visit I'm really pumped to see the Stones in concert and I will have a lengthy blog entry after the concert.

Gotta run and get some supper but I'll be in touch very soon.